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Thursday, January 8, 2009 While I was being a tourist with my brother and cousin, we happened upon an AMAZING vintage shop in Florence. It was pretty much what you can imagine.... racks and racks of vintage YSL, Gucci and the occasional Mugler *jawdrop*

I tried on a Mugler dress but it was insanely huge on me, definitely a no-go. Most of the pieces were pretty expensive and I wasn't really dead-set on anything, but I really, really, wished I had enough $$ to get a vintage fur.

I have seen more fur this winter than any other year (I've been here for 4 years now!) and, I must admit, I've caught the bug.

Vintage is definitely the way to go for fur!

here is a spy pic of me werking my ish in a super luxe coat...

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Pitti Vintage

Sdrucciolo Dei Pitti 19/R
Bazar fornitissimo e ipercolorato da scandagliare in toto, rovistando fra armadi e bauli alla ricerca di pezzi cult per rivivere il magico mito delle dive hollywoodiane. Ecco lingerie d'antan, décolletées accessori anni '60, gonne a ruota, foulard e immancabili occhiali da diva...
Il consiglio in più Tenete d'occhio, sul sito, le "chicche" fashion firmate Gucci, Ferragamo, Valentino... Le fashion victims potranno fare affari strepitosi!

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