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"It is the moment to give our contribution to save animals from the fashion industry using non-leather alternatives to save the earth."



Pitti Vintage is an independent fashion label that started in Florence Italy in 2005 by the couple, Mexican Designer Graciela Avendano and her husband Luigi Capeto -born in Puglia Italy- with studies in Architecture; both vintage and animal lovers. 

Graciela with a Fashion degree from Janette Klein School of Design in Mexico City decided to expand her horizons to continue her fashion studies at the Parsons School of Art & Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. It was in N.Y. where Luigi and Graciela met for the first time. Shortly later they moved to the gorgeous Italian Renaissance city of Florence where Luigi had his full-time job, to start together with their new life and open their brand of vintage, a fun shop near Pitti Palace and then moved to the Historic "Albizi Palace" in the old center of Florence.

Pitti Vintage wants to inspire people about the importance of wearing vegan leather -to save animals from the fashion industry- pared with that magical vintage piece with a great history behind, matching both concepts onto one ethical and sustanable unique look.

What initially began as a vintage shop, Pitti Vintage expands now to the handbag world, designing vegan bags handmade by Graciela with styles ranging from totes, cross-body bags and wallets for consciousness women who care about animals without compromising their style.

Pitti Vintage sells ONLY ONLINE.















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