Garments including bags and purses produced with vegan leather not only make you look good but also make you feel good cause you are doing the right thing. Now more than ever our choices between animal products and vegan products are crucial, and it is not anymore related to a food issue. More and more people that love their pets and animals are now going one step further and turning to products that don’t use leather altogether.


It is good the fashion industry is changing, with brands getting into sustainability. But still, these brands need to make an extra effort to stop using fur and exotic skins in their collections and raise awareness.


Did you know that more than a million cows, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, horses, ostriches, alligators, snakes, and even dogs and cats are cruelly killed to collect their skins for the fashion industry because consumers ask for it? This can not go on! We have to do everything to stop this massacre, they are innocent living beings! This terrible practice also causes damage to the environment by creating toxic Carbon gas emission CO2 (carbon footprint). The fashion industry is responsible for 10% per year of global emissions.


Why is it so important to avoid Carbon (CO2) emissions? Carbon emissions are the total gas that produces the "greenhouse" that each person emits causing global warming. The environmental impact of vegan leather production emits 14kg of CO2 per year, less than animal leather. Animal skin emits 88kg of CO2 per year. Lots of energy, infinite liters of water, and chemicals are used to soften the leather and tanning process.


I'm not here to convince you to switch to the vegan lifestyle, no. I am here to give you information that can help you have a little more awareness regarding this important issue that affects everyone. Ethical choices, even making baby steps are acts of love, make the difference, save millions of animals, save the planet, our family, ourselves and make you happy.


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